Another brewery off the beaten path, Bearwaters Brewery is a great place to take a load off and listen to some good local music while kicking back with a wide variety of craft beers. Though this destination is farther off the beaten path, it offers a few things that most locales downtown do not. For one, even when they’re having a busy night, you will not find the place impossibly crowded nor the parking excessively far away. Though tourists traffic this area quite regularly, if you want the local scene, this is the place to experience it.

First, let’s talk beer. A lot of craft brewers and micro-breweries have a limited selection due to the many constraints that are inherent in a smaller brewing operation. Bearwaters has a lot larger selection than most with ten signature beers that are always available on tap. In addition, they have seasonal brews that allow for some variety for those who have managed to make their way through the signatures.

Open Tuesday through Saturday, this gem is really tailor made for local musicians and live music lovers. Endowed with special wiring and a sound system to die-for, this is the place to come listen to tunes. Check out their website for the full list of events but even if you show up on a whim, they’re most likely going to have some kind of live music or special event taking place. Though if you want to grab a table and chat quietly, this is not the place to do it.

Bearwaters is family friendly and pet friendly, a trend I’m noticing in a lot of the smaller breweries lately. Food, while very limited, is available for special events. Just call ahead to check if you have a craving for something specific. Everyone is very friendly and if they don’t know the answer, they’ll check with someone who does and get back to you ASAP. In addition, since they have both an indoor and outdoor area, you can visit in whatever weather happens to be rolling through the mountains during your visit.

Overall, a great little brewery a little off the beaten path. Pop in for good times, good tunes, and a fun time.

Bearwaters Brewery

130 Frazier St #7,

Waynesville, NC 28786