Everyone loves a good pub. I am not the exception. Cedric’s Tavern on the Biltmore Estate is a great pub to drop into for several reasons: First and foremost, the food is great and they offer smaller snacks so you have the option of making it more of a brews outing than a meal if you really want to. Second: they have a full bar with both local craft brews and international brands, as well as local wine selections. This is where you want to start your night out with friends. Last, but certainly not least, Cedric’s Tavern has a casual atmosphere that will enable you to kick back and relax in the elegant Biltmore atmosphere.

cedric's pale aleLet’s talk brews! In addition to a full bar, national & international brews, and some very delicious craft brews from local brewers everywhere, they have dessert brews. Yes, an entire menu of cocktails, wines, ports, cognacs, and cordials paired with a gorgeous selections of desserts. The waitstaff has all of the best pairs down, so I definitely recommend asking for their advice once a sweet treat catches your eye. This was my favorite part of the tasting. Finding out about which alcohols paired with which sweet treat was a real experience.

Executive chef, Mark Demarco, really outdoes himself with his menu. Somehow he elevates traditional pub food like fish and chips (delicious by the way) and ribeye steak into something worthy of being part of the Biltmore family. Though not direct farm-to-table in some of their dishes, he does do local sourcing and so you’re still eating locally no matter what you order.

cedric's tavern signThe atmosphere is casual enough to feel comfortable wandering in from your house tour in a pair of shorts and a tank top without feeling too out of place. The dark wood, pleasing aroma of fresh food, and high ceilings gives you the impression of a home-town pub while still being in the heart of Biltmore Village.



musicAnother aspect of Cedric’s Tavern is the amenities available. Not only is it central to the village and all the other great amenities the estate offers, but sitting outside enables you to listen to the lovely live local music without bursting your eardrums. So often live music can overwhelm dinner conversation but at no point did it get too loud that I couldn’t hear the people across from me.

So far Cedric’s Tavern was my favorite Biltmore haunt and I would recommend it to anyone who wants good food, good brews, and good local music.