One of the most romantic spots on the Biltmore Estate combines a beautiful atmosphere with the casual dining of a buffet enabling you to thoroughly explore the gorgeous atmosphere without the restriction of regular dining. If you think that means you won’t enjoy gorgeous Biltmore style, you’d be wrong, Deerpark has it in spades. This was perhaps the most beautiful restaurant on the estate and the waitstaff was just as poised and talented as any of the restaurants available.

Deerpark outsideOpen from 10am to 2pm daily and later on concert nights, this is where you want to drag your date after a tour of the gardens. The atmosphere is very open and the interior courtyard is the perfect place to grab a private moment or some really cool photos together before hitting up the food line. The lighting for this place is truly magical. If you’re lucky enough to see it at night, you’ll see exactly what I mean. The place fairly sparkles, reigning in the open space and giving the place a cozy feel where it might feel empty otherwise. By far, the prettiest place to eat on the estate which makes it a favorite for proms, weddings and private parties.

The most important part of a restaurant is, of course, the food. So how does Biltmore do buffet? Perfectly!  Grilled chicken, roast, salads, chowder, broiled Mahi Mahi, and much, much more on a bar enables you to try and sample foods from one of the best chefs in the region without the risk of losing out or overspending on one particular dish. Pile your plate high and share with your honey.
Desserts are extremely well done but don’t worry if you have gluten Deerpark dessertsensitivity, need something sugar-free, or have other diet restrictions. They have a little something decadent for everyone. This is where the staff is incredibly helpful and enables you to make confident decisions for your dietary needs. I grabbed a plate and asked a million questions about everything from ingredients to preparation and was pleased when they could answer every one.

One word of warning: Deerpark can get extremely busy during peak times, so make sure you make your reservations ahead of time. This is truly one of the hidden gems of the estate, so that’s not really surprising but the staff is very accommodating, so call when you first get into town to make sure you can attend.

Overall, Deerpark is a wonderful spot to stop into.

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Biltmore Village

1 Lodge Street

Asheville, NC 28803