Described as “refined elegant dining,” this is the place you want to take the in-laws if you want to impress them. Dress up, grab a glass a wine or elegant cocktail from the full bar, and wait for your reservation because you’re going to need one. Since I was spending several days exploring the restaurants in and around the estate I figured I needed to switch it up and try out their morning meal since the Dining Room offered it.

Dining RoomAs one of the older, more established formal eateries, you wouldn’t expect it to be as hip as some of the newer establishments. You’d be wrong. They also subscribe to the notion of farm-to-table eating and offer both vegetarian and gluten free options. In addition, the meats that aren’t homegrown on the estate are still locally sourced from farmers in the region.

Let’s talk menu. At breakfast, which starts sharp at seven AM and lasts until ten-thirty, you have one burning question: to buffet or not to buffet? The buffet is fairly expensive at twenty-one bucks for a single person but includes a lot of choices. Offerings include: Orange Juice, Biltmore Organic Roast Coffee, Chef Prepared: Omelets, Belgian Waffles & Cage Free Eggs Cheese Blintz with Fruit Compote, Hash Brown Casserole, Daily Chef’s Special, House-made Granola, Smoked Bacon, Country Sausage, Stone Ground Grits, Seasonal Fruit, Smoked Salmon, and Fresh Baked Pastries.
Buffet offerings
If you, like me, do not have the ability to consume twenty-one dollars worth of food at breakfast, the Dining room offers a full menu of smaller portions. They have smoothies for the non-food breakfast eaters to wake up in the morning that range from the very healthy, with spinach and greenery to peanut butter and banana. They’ve got cold breakfast options like yogurt and granola as well as breakfast classics like pancakes, sausage, and eggs benedict.

I’m more of a sweet and savory kid, so I went with baked french toast and a side of bacon. Let me tell you, it was hands down the best french toast I’ve ever had. Griddled Bread Pudding, Strawberry Compote, and Chantilly Cream piled high with a big glass of milk and perfectly crisp bacon made my breakfast exceptional.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this fine dining experience is not one to miss.