image courtesy of Biltmore Estate

Image courtesy of Biltmore Estate

When it comes to one of the biggest tourist draws in the area, it’s nice to know what you’re getting into so you can pick and choose from the many activities the Biltmore Estate offers. Lucky for all you crazy kids out there, we have explored to give you the skinny before you book your Biltmore vacation!

First off, I love horses and horseback riding. There is something to be said about the nostalgia of seeing the world from the comfort of the saddle. The fact that Biltmore offers a plethora of horseback, horse drawn carriage, and other horse-related options really is quite fortunate for all my fellow equine lovers. That being said, there are several things to consider before choosing one of the outdoor options.


Biltmore Estate Horseback

Image Courtesy of Biltmore Estate

The biggest thing to consider is the time of year you’re planning on vacationing and the relative health and age of everyone you’re traveling with. Most trail rides require that riders be at least 8 years old, under 250 lbs, and be in relative good health in order to mount and dismount a horse without assistance. If cold weather gets to your joints, I’d consider choosing a covered carriage ride if you’re visiting the cooler months.

Sensitive to heat? Consider the trail ride that includes a break complete with lots of refreshments and picnic-style lunch stop.

On the trail rides, no matter if you take the one hour beginners trail or the three hour ride, the sights you’re going to see are gorgeous. The grounds around Biltmore are well-maintained and beautifully managed by a team of experts. Mature trees, lovely gardens, and gently rolling hills make for an unbelievable setting that shouldn’t be missed. In addition, the tour guides are all knowledgeable, friendly, and, in true Biltmore style, completely willing to accommodate reasonable requests.

In the summer months, horse riding tours book up quickly so make sure to book yours in advance. Prices range from sixty to two-hundred and thirty dollars depending on the tour you choose, which is actually on par with most horse riding excursions but with the added bonus of Biltmore beauty and service. It’s definitely on my recommended list.