If you’d like a hint of class with your vacation, a trip to Biltmore is definitely in order. As the oldest and largest privately owned estate in the country, the house isn’t the only thing that Biltmore has bragging rights to. If you’re already preparing for a visit, you should definitely take advantage of the free guided tour and tasting at the winery after you pay admission to the estate. They had me at “free wine.”

After you’ve taken the self-guided house tour, head down the meandering path to Biltmore Village where quaint shops paying homage to a simpler time await. It is there you’ll find the Biltmore winery, the barrel room, and the tasting room. Included in the price of admission, a full tasting of over 20 wines made at Biltmore ranging from reds, whites, to roses. Since remembering all the vintages is sometimes difficult, you’re provided with a little note card with the names of the wines and a pencil to check off which ones tickle your palette as you make your way through the wine list.

The one thing I can definitely praise about Biltmore is their commitment to professionalism. All the staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to answer any question you can come up with. It is a bit commercial compared to some of the other wineries in the region but it is commercial in a way that is not too off putting since everyone is so friendly and it allows for a wider tasting selection and many more opportunities to shop than you would find elsewhere.

If you’re a lightweight like me, you’ll probably be feeling pretty good toward the end of the tasting but don’t worry, there are plenty of fine cheeses and other snacks at the wine bar to soak up some of the alcohol at the end of your visit. There are also a few restaurants within easy walking distance from the tasting room if you would like something a little more substantial.

The tasting itself, as I mentioned before, is included in the price of admission to the estate and don’t forget to show up for the  tour of the winery. A roughly half an hour tour of the converted dairy barn turned wine production center will leave you marveling at the lengths the estate has gone to maintain the beauty and authenticity of Biltmore while moving it into the 21st century.

So how long is this lovely little excursion going to last? Between the tour and the tasting, it’s easy to spend 2 to 3 hours enjoying this experience. Want to stretch this into an all-day event? If you’d like even more with your tour, you can pony up a little extra cash (anywhere from 10 to 85 dollars depending on your choice of activity) for some of the more premium tour elements such as the red wine and chocolate activity or the barrel tasting.

Those are definitely activities that you will need to make reservations for, though, so plan ahead for this trip. If you’re not sure which ones you’d really like to participate in, the ticketing center agents were very helpful in tailoring a selection based on your preferences. If you plan to visit Biltmore more than once, it might behoove you to go ahead and purchase an annual pass because it does cut down on those extra costs since you receive additional discounts for various activities throughout the estate.

Overall, this was a grand couple of hours of relaxation after all the walking around the estate. This Biltmore Winery tour & tasting is a must-see if you are already planning to pop into the Biltmore house to enjoy some beautiful scenery and some lovely history. Do you have a favorite Biltmore memory or a particularly tasty wine you’d like to share? Send us an email and let us know!


Biltmore Estate


One Lodge Street – Asheville, NC 28803

Biltmore Winery

One Lodge Street

Asheville, NC 28803