Some believe the best part about exploring a new city is searching out all the old historical, haunted areas and hearing about the town’s morbid side. If you’re the person eating popcorn and watching endless reruns of Ghost Adventures, I’m talking to you. Asheville offers ghost stories and haunted locales in spades. If you have always had an interest in the macabre or just want to hear some interesting stories, try out one of the oldest tours in the city by Haunted Asheville.

Haunted Church from tourOwned and operated by Joshua P. Warren, author of Haunted Asheville and famed paranormal investigation expert, this Asheville native has a real passion for all things that go bump in the night and it shows in the quality of his tours. For the relatively low price of twenty bucks a pop for adults, fifteen for children up to fourteen, and free for children under eight, you can enjoy one of the finest ghost tours that Asheville has to offer.

This tour does involved a bit of walking so be prepared to be standing for at least an hour or two, depending on which walking tour you take. Running Thursday through Sunday, year round, these tours are a leisurely stroll but almost entirely outside. Since the tours start at 8 PM, grab an extra jacket during all but the hottest months because evenings in the mountains can get quite chilly.

The tour itself is approximately two hours in length, ending around 10 PM at the Asheville MysteryMystery Museum Sign Museum (Sadly, no photography is allowed in this particular section of the tour but everywhere else is free game.) Guides are knowledgeable, intelligent, and passionate about their stories. I’ve discovered over my history of taking tours at numerous vacations spots in the US and UK that a tour can really be made or broken by the quality of the guide. Haunted Asheville’s tour guides are really a part of the experience and their storytelling is top notch.

You’ll learn about the Pink Lady of the Grove Park Inn, be told of tales of murder and suicide, and hear about some grisly history while you’re at it. So, if thrills and chills are what you seek, this is definitely the tour to take.

Haunted Asheville’s Ghost Tours