The beauty of the Smoky Mountains is something that can only be experienced. New comers and natives alike are always looking for more ways to enjoy the outdoors, especially in the warmer weather. Within the heart of the mountains, the possibilities are endless and one place in particular provides fun for people of all ages. Deep Creek is located just off the Bryson City exit. The small town charm and preservation of much of the local heritage has maximized the beauty of the mountain region without the clutter of city life. It’s a great place for a weekend getaway or a day’s adventure and has something for everyone to enjoy.

Image courtesy of Deep Creek Tube Center & Camp Ground

Image courtesy of Deep Creek Tube Center & Camp Ground

Following the signs posted throughout the city will lead you into a place surrounded by nothing but nature. Parking is convenient and located next to a large picnic area available to the public. Each picnic site has a raised grill for cooking and is located only a few feet away from the water’s edge.

One of the many attractive features of Deep Creek is the diversity of the creek itself. There are areas deep enough for those who enjoy swimming and shallow areas for the smaller children or those looking to just get their feet wet. Its gentle current provides a place suited for tubing and rafting during the warmer months. Numerous outdoor stores located on the drive up to Deep Creek provide daily tube rentals to those who don’t bring their own and offer various sizes for both younger and older visitors.

Hiking trails are also available. Smaller trails with wide pathways are great for the whole family. Resting stops and bench seats are located along the paths and around the waterfalls for those wishing to take a longer moment to enjoy the beauty that the mountains offer. For the more avid hiker, there are longer trails leading deeper into the Great Smoky Mountains with a more challenging landscape. Deep Creek isn’t limited to just swimming and hiking activities. Bicycles are also permitted on the designated trails and for those looking for a more engrossed experience, the campground is open from early April to late October. For anyone seeking refuge in the outdoors, Deep Creek is a highly recommended local spot for summer activities.


For more information on the area and the activities available, check out the link posted below.

Deep Creek Campgrounds

1090 West Deep Creek Rd.
Bryson City, NC 28713