So, it’s summer, and that means getting up and doing stuff outside.  But where? The kids want to play at the park, and ride bikes, but you want to walk the dog, how are you going to make everyone happy? Well as it turns out, I have a solution. Just off I-26, next to the French Broad River, is a beautiful place called Carrier Park, a retired NASCAR track turned into a place that is both people and dog-friendly. You may hear people refer to it as Amboy Park, as its located on Amboy Rd.  It’s one of the biggest parks in Asheville, with 12 grills, and 34 picnic tables, and an area for almost every sport you can think of.



The layout of the main area of the park is pretty simple. A huge pedestrian bridge goes over the racetrack and ends on a pathway leading to the playground with access to the roller hockey rink, basketball court and oh so much more, but I’ll get there later. The track is 0.4 miles long, and as previously mentioned, it was a NASCAR short track in the 60’s and 70’s. According to, the last race was in 1971. The track lay dormant until 1999, when RiverLink, a local non-profit geared at preserving the French Broad River, bought the property and sold it to the City of Asheville. The city then, beautified the area, and renamed it Carrier Park.


The playground is huge, with a giant castle, a train, a little wooden Jeep and swings, of course! The coolest thing, in my opinion is the roller hockey rink. I mean come on, who doesn’t want to ram into each other with sticks any time of the year? Not to mention when no one is playing hockey, (and since its Asheville, that’s pretty much all the time) its a great place for small kids to ride bikes or scooters. Plus, it was recently resurfaced. Oh so smooth! Speaking of smooth, the basketball court was also recently resurfaced. The cement court has 6 goals, so there is plenty of room for everyone to play. Tucked off in the corner is a picnic area and volleyball court.



Now if you don’t want to ride your bike in circles, or you want to take Spot on a walk, you can hop on the track, which is actually the French Broad River Greenway. Its 2.8 miles long and connects to Hominy Creek Park in West Asheville with amazing views of the French Broad River and the Biltmore Estate, as well as parts of the River Arts District. There’s plenty of activities there for everybody, and its the perfect time of year to get out and be active, so get out there and enjoy the weather!


For more information on Carrier Park or any of the other parks in Asheville, go to

Carrier Park

220 Amboy Rd, Asheville, NC 28806