Every Halloween, I enjoy listening to scary stories whether it is through my nightly ritual of horror movies or gathering around a campfire with good friends to tell the most terrifying ghost story we’ve heard of. Something about the celebration of the dead makes Halloween the night for spooky tales. I’ve enjoyed my fair share of the creepiness, especially growing up in a place entrenched with ghost stories and haunted locations. That’s why I’m excited for what Dark Ride Tours has to offer this year.

This year, they’re offering a Spirits on the River Tour and a Haunted Graveyard Tour leading up to Halloween. Halloween night they have a special Haunted Halloween Ride which is selling out quickly and on the 26th of October they are having a special Séance for those brave enough to venture into the realm of summoning the undead.

The Haunted Graveyard Tour takes you through the Riverside Cemetery, showcasing the graves of Thomas Wolfe and O. Henry. Your host Virgil Nightshade will provide you with a retelling of his original stories inspired by the creepy crypts of the beautiful cemetery. This tour takes place before dusk as the cemetery is closed each night. The price of admission is $28.50 per person and the tour lasts 1 hour.

The Spirits on the River Ghost Tour takes place near the campus of the University of North Carolina at Asheville at the botanical gardens located just off of the French Broad River. Stories and histories of the Civil War era as well as local legends will be featured on this tour. The tour lasts one hour and the price for admissions is $28.50 per person.

The Haunted Halloween Ride offered only on Halloween night is a special edition of the Spirits on the River tour. The tour features a ride in Lenore, their haunted hearse, in addition to the added Halloween music and short horror films. Sweet treats will be provided. Prices are $40 per person and the tour lasts an hour.

The Séance is a two hour event and requires calling in advance for ticket information and availability.

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