Asheville is notorious for its weird and quirky shops. The Asheville Raven & Crone is definitely one of those stores that leaves tourists smiling at the hippie vibes coming out of this shop in waves. First, don’t mind the black cat. It’s apparently one of the shopkeepers at Raven & Crone. Friendly little thing too. If you have a cat allergy, this might be the shop to skip on your grand tour of Asheville. If not, by all means, check it out.

I have to admit, I have no idea what 99.9% of the items in the shop were for but I would venture a guess that anyone who did would find the selection to be quite extensive. Whether you’re into candles and oils, which were stacked from floor to ceiling in purrrfectly (Sorry, I had to) arranged rows, or you need tarot cards and good luck talismans, all with helpful cards to give you the origins and mystical association, there is something quirky to be found for any practitioner. Since I have no idea what to do with cards outside of a blackjack table, I stuck to things I did understand: home decorating & jewelry.

Now, don’t laugh, but the shop did have some lovely little decorative items that were perfect for the inner hippie children, goth kids, or dungeon masters inside of us all. Ceramic toadstools for the yard, gnomes for your garden, and fairy houses complete with tiny little doors were begging to be taken home with some lucky hippie mama. There were also a variety of stone gargoyles, prayer shawls, and incense for those with a need for a more visually serious form of protection.

Jewelry seemed separated by both unique mythology and whether they favored the cute hippie culture or the more serious witchy-type vibe. Both were very pretty and I even picked up a bracelet for dear old Mom, which I’m sure she’ll be thrilled with.

Did I mention there were candles? Oh my lord, were there candles. If I would’ve known that candles could represent so much, I would’ve made smarter burning choices prior to dropping in. I picked up one for wealth (green) and another for calming energy (blue). I’ll let you know whether those actually do what they’re supposed to at a later date.

My favorite knick knacks had to be the stone dragons, local art pieces, and other such fantasy decor that called to my inner Dungeon & Dragons geek. Where I would put half of this stuff, I have no idea but most of it definitely wanted to come home with me. The slogan, “keep Asheville weird,” was made for this shop. So go out and enjoy the weirdness!


Asheville Raven & Crone

555 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, NC 28804

(828) 424-7868

Raven & Crone

555 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, NC 28804