One of Asheville’s oldest breweries, Green Man Brewery had to make my list of great Asheville breweries. With whimsical motifs of ancient celtic legends saturating the brewery and all its brews, it’s no wonder you feel like you’re stepping into some ancient pub when you step into their taproom. This is a classic Asheville stop that you need to taste to believe.

Located in downtown Asheville with a three-story taphouse and distribution facility in the works, Green Man is really at the ideal location for a craft brewer. Enjoy a pint or two while listening to some good tunes at Jack of the Woods, the Celtic style pub next door and original home location of Green Man Brewery. Since this is a downtown location, it’s easy to go grab a bite at one of the other must-see Asheville stops or head shopping afterwards at the many boutique shops within a five block radius. Hint: We’ve covered a shop or two within walking distance!

As cool as the atmosphere is, let’s get to the important part: brews. Due to the fact that Green Man is one of the oldest breweries in the area, they have a fairly large collection of brews. They have three permanently on tap and then rotating brews available for in seasonal increments.  There are also special releases available. In total, over half a dozen different brews to sample on your outing.

In addition to trying to source local materials for their brewing process, Green Man also makes sure their materials are GMO free and all-natural with no additives or chemicals. There has been some talk among beer connoisseurs that this has changed the fullness in flavor but I didn’t notice anything while sipping the ESB (my personal favorite.) If you are concerned about the naturalness of your brews, this will be a pleasant experience for you since majority of brewers do use additives of a chemical nature. You have to love Asheville’s commitment to all-natural alcoholic experience.

Overall, this is a classic Asheville stop that is worth a few hours of your time. With its central location, wide variety of brews, and interesting atmosphere, this is the place where you want to be.


Green Man Brewery

27 Buxton Ave

Asheville, NC 28801