You, like me, might have first assumed that the Orange Peel was a fancy sherbert shop. What? Was that just me? Apparently it was because this awesome venue has been featured in national magazines like USA Today, Travel and Leisure Magazine, Southern Living Magazine, Turner South Cable Network, Rolling Stones Magazine, and a ton of others. How did this little Asheville club become so well known? This “social club” is home to a series of year round live concerts, friendly staff, and world class brews. As a concert venue for upcoming stars as well as old hats, this is a hotspot for intimate concert appearances that range from the strictly adult to the family friendly.

Image courtesy of the Orange Peel & Austin Everson

Image courtesy of the Orange Peel & Austin Everson

The Orange Peel is extremely well organized and their events are just as well executed. They can’t promise the show will end precisely at 9 PM but they do guarantee it lasts at least as long as the show is advertised. Bonus songs do happen often for enthusiastic crowds and crowds do get enthusiastic at the Orange Peel. Every concert is shared on their website and each is labeled with the appropriate age group available to attend. Paid concerts are interspersed with free ones and everything is carried out without a hitch.

Have you ever been to a concert with 20,000 other people? The atmosphere is fun but you’re so far from the stage, you might as well have hung out and watched it on your TV. The Orange Peel offers something that larger venues are sorely lacking: intimacy. You can get as close or as far away from the stage as you like and almost close enough for performers to trip over you (Hint: try not to trip the performers.) This was my favorite aspect of the Orange Peel and it’s sure to be a hit with anyone who attends.

With two beer and wine bars upstairs and a liquor bar, Pulp, downstairs, this place has a wide variety of brews available if you’re drinking. Brews include all the great favorites from local breweries as well as some other nationally and internationally known favorites. Choices are everywhere.  However, be forewarned, if you are bringing someone underage, you will not be permitted to purchase alcohol. It’s a strange house rule. Make plans accordingly.

Since concerts and performances are frequently occurring, it’s easy to fit this Asheville hotspot into your vacation. In addition, it’s downtown location makes it easy to reach from any hotel in the region and easy to travel from to any other Asheville spot you need to get to. Frequent visitor to Asheville? Join their Big Ass Fan Club, yes, that’s the real name, and grab some extra loyalty perks including discounts, freebies, and swag that is pretty righteous.

Overall, the Orange Peel is a great place to visit for music lovers and takes you to the front row of any performance, event, or concert you’re in the mood to see. Check their website for the schedule and buy your tickets today.

Image Courtesy of the Orange Peel

Image Courtesy of the Orange Peel

101 Biltmore Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

The Orange Peel

Entertainment Venue

101 Biltmore Ave

Asheville, NC 28801