After you hit up Pack Square for your shopping needs, head over to Pack’s Tavern because, sweet lord, this is one heck of a restaurant. Located in downtown Asheville, this somewhat recent addition to Asheville’s food and brew scene is not something to miss. Whether you’re looking for sports, live music, or a fun casual dining experience, this is where to go.

Pack's Tavern BarFood is the most important aspect of heading out to a restaurant and Pack’s delivers very well in this particular area. The waitstaff was incredibly attentive and everything arrived to the table in a timely manner and with a smile. With a blend of traditional “bar food” and southern flair, this place is a cut above a lot of casual dining spots in the area. Did I mention craft beer? Holy Moses, there is a lot of craft beer in this place and they had one of the most extensive collections I’ve seen in any one restaurant. I literally salivated over the fried green tomatoes and the salmon I had for the main course and the many repeat customers I encountered was evidence of the overall quality of their meals. Best part? The menu is fairly extensive and covers a wide variety of dishes so there is something for just about everyone.

The atmosphere is another very important element of your dining experience and it can make or break your experience. If you just want to pop in with your friends and chit-chat in a quiet environment, you can accomplish that. Pack’s is large enough where sitting next to a noisy bar isn’t necessary and outdoor seating is also a comfortable option in the warmer summer months. However, this entire space is geared toward sports and live music fans. There are televisions everywhere and Thursday through Sunday, you can drop in and enjoy live music with no cover charge. During sports season, specials on game nights give incentive for sports fans to drop in and enjoy a game with half a dozen friends and rivals.

If those items don’t pique your interest and history is more your bag, no worries. Pack’s Tavern has plenty of it. Despite being founded in 2010, the building housing this great business was built in 1907 and has a very interesting history of being a center landmark for the area. Its’ past includes a lumber mill, an automotive supplier, and an alcohol warehouse and distribution center during prohibition. Very cool and a lot of fun to explore. Grab the bartender and pick their brain or check out the website and geek out on the exposed beams and early 1900s car parked out front as a nod toward the history.

Overall, Pack’s Tavern is the perfect place to spend an afternoon. Check it out and enjoy a fresh craft beer and yummy meal for me. Do you have a favorite Pack’s Tavern meal? Check it out and let us know!

Packs Tavern

20 S Spruce St, Asheville, NC 28801

Packs Tavern

20 S Spruce St

Asheville, NC 28801