Nothing is as relaxing as North Carolina’s gorgeous wild landscapes and well-maintained trails. This is made possible by the park rangers whose job is to care for some of the most beautiful sights in the world. It’s especially lucky for you and I who get to enjoy those sights for very reasonable prices. One of the sights and experiences that is a must-see for those visiting this corner of the parkway is sliding rock. All the fun of a water park with a whopping 2 to 3 dollar admission price during peak times of year makes this one of the best deals for summer fun you’ll come across.

First, let’s talk location. Sliding rock is nestled in Pisgah National Forest and, as such, is surrounded by, enveloped in and saturated with thick forestry, hiking trails and natural beauty. Spend a few hours enjoying the huge natural waterslide and then picnic in one of the many scenic areas of the park. Trust me when I say the scenery is much better than any water park and you have the added bonus of it being very low impact on the environment as well.

This 60 foot slide down a water-smoothed boulder into a 8 foot deep pool is one heck of a ride. Since this does end in a deep pool, knowing how to swim is a necessity and the little ones should be accompanied by an adult rather than slide down by themselves. Since this is a natural boulder, the ride down can be a little bumpy so if you’re sensitive, you might want to bring a pair of cut-off shorts to save your skin from any unpleasant abrasions. I didn’t personally have that problem but some of the older people in my group of fun-goers complained about a few bumps along the way. After donning their shorts, they were much more comfortable sliding down.

If you’re worried about safety, lifeguards are there during peak times of year from 10AM to 6PM. Also, the water is chilly so make sure you are mentally prepared for how chilly you can get. Grab a towel and bundle up tight after your plunge or find a nice sunny spot in one of the picnic areas around the falls to dry off properly. For any additional questions about sliding rock and the surrounding area, check in with the nearby ranger’s station at 828-877-3265.

Overall, this is an experience that you won’t want to miss out on.