In the south, the right to bare arms can be found on many a t-shirt. However, I don’t think the saying is meant to extend to burlesque shows but the ladies at the Tuesday Tease do bare arms and a lot more at their weekly show at the Blue Ridge Tap Room. For a ten dollar cover charge, fifteen if you’re under 21, you can buy yourself a great evening of entertainment and laughs with dancers of all skill levels at the tap room. I had heard about the burlesque performances in Asheville from a couple of friends before I went to check it out for myself and the only thing I was disappointed in is that I didn’t do it sooner.

Lucky me, I came in on a rainy Tuesday evening to a Prince tribute show. While I’m usually a little more rock and roll in my music selections, I couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised by Prince. My prior perception of burlesque shows relied completely on the almost embarrassing number of times I’ve watched Cher and Christina Aguilera dance through the movie of the same name. The serious sexiness was definitely a part of the performances but there was also a playfulness there that stopped the night from becoming too intense for the casual observer. Since the origins of burlesque lay in parody as well as the sexy removal of clothing, it makes sense that both be included.

Entering the tap room and taking up residence at a table near the middle of the room facing the series of white curtains that housed the performers for the evening, my friends and I prepared for a evening of entertainment with a pint. Groups and single performers took the stage as introductions were made and each of their performances seemed catered to their individual personalities, all to the tune of Prince and Prince tributes. The crowd was engaged from start to finish in these performances and it was easy to see that this wasn’t a performance as much as it was an experience, and a highly enjoyable one at that.

If you’re going to head to one of these performances, I highly recommend getting there a little early. Trying to get drinks during the performances, even the interludes between performances, can be a bit tricky. Avoid that altogether by coming a little early and getting comfortable. If you’re really intrigued and possess a brave soul, Madame Deb Au Nare does have a burlesque academy in Asheville where you can learn how to really shake what your mama gave you. Who knows? You might find yourself on stage by the time the next Tuesday Tease rolls around.

Tease Me Tuesday

38 North French Broad Avenue

Asheville, NC 28801