With a slogan like, “We can make you feel good all over,” it’s hard to imagine the sort of shop that makes those sorts of guarantees. It was definitely grin-inducing and I had to find out. Wouldn’t you know it, it’s a soap shop! Originating in south Florida and advertised as “Funky Asheville meets sultry South Beach,” The Laughing Mermaid Soap Company is one of best places around to order vegan and all-organic bath products.

The Laughing Mermaid is located in downtown Asheville within easy walking distance to most of the well-known shops and stops along the way. This is the shop for those who want an alternative to traditional bath and beauty products on the market. The products at the shop are not only vegan, organic, and holistic, but made on the premises by the owner. Shop-local lovers are going to go ga-ga over the staggering varieties of products available for customers.

To give you an idea of the sort of variety you’ll find in the shop, they have lip balms, eye creams, bubble bath, shower gel, bubbling bath bombs, scented oils, perfumes, colognes, solid scents (something like a roll-on fragrance stick from what I understand), bar soap, liquid soap, body wash, body lotion, massage oil, soaking salts, and body scrubs to name a few. They even have a men’s line that has a ridiculously cute name: Sudz for Studz. I know what my brother is getting for Christmas.
Believing in journalistic integrity, I had to sample some of the products for myself. Lucky for me, The Laughing Mermaid has several sample baskets to choose from so you can find the scent and product that suits  you. The best part? Almost all the products are relatively inexpensive ranging from a very reasonable three dollars for a bath bomb to a slightly more expensive twenty dollar eye cream.

I grabbed a bath bomb, body butter, and my favorite book and decided a fine way to spend an afternoon was to soak in the tub. (God, my job is so hard…) I will say both the bath bomb and the body butter were of superior quality and left me refreshed. Knowing that the materials were all organic and the packaging was environmentally friendly and biodegradable made for a guilt-free experience. If you find yourself on College Street, duck into The Laughing Mermaid and grab yourself something to turn your vacation into spa experience.

The Laughing Mermaid

68 College Street Downtown Asheville, NC 28801
Tel: 828-259-5331

The Laughing Mermaid

68 College Street


Asheville, NC 28801

Tel: 828-259-5331

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