If you’re looking for a good spot to hike you should head to DuPont Forest. Just in between Hendersonville and Brevard, North Carolina, DuPont State Forest has acres upon acres of natural land and quite a few miles of trail. Speaking of trails, my roommates and I took a hike on the Triple Falls Trail, which is only about a one mile section of the entire waterfalls tour but, it’s a great trail if you just want a short easy hike with a beautiful reward at the end. I would advise you not to go barefoot as the trails are man-made, mostly sand and gravel. Things to watch out for,e3 of course, are other hikers and wild animals.

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Now it’s a horse trail, as well as a bike trail in areas, so watch your step, and be alert (you should anyway!), but either way the trails are wide, so there is plenty of room for everyone. You just follow the signs towards the area you desire, in our case, Triple Falls. Its a 1.1 mile trip from the parking lot and the easiest hike on the trail with only a moderate climb. There is a stairway that leads from the main trail and opens up at the base of the waterfall on huge rocks. There’s even a couple spots to set up a hammock. Its beautiful, and such a peaceful place to watch those one of a kind Blue Ridge sunsets.


With over 10,000 acres, there is so much to explore. The waterfall tour alone can be up to six miles. It’s fun for the children, and great exercise worth the reward. Triple Falls was an amazing sight and experience, and I will definitely be making a few trips back to see more of the forest. If you want to see all the beauty for yourself, visit the forest on 89 Buck Forest Rd in Cedar Mountain.

Triple Falls