Mystery Of The Mountains

The Earth has long been this humanity’s vibrational mirror. At no other time in our history as a species has the Earth Mother offered the invitation and potential that she does now to the human family. All of her vortices around the world, known and unknown, are activating. Her chakras and light body are cleansing, restructuring and rebalancing as she moves into a new position in the Cosmos and we have the opportunity to move with her in a synchronized attunement of expansion. We are evolving with our Beloved Gaia to a new consciousness and energy, individually and as a New Earth Family.The Appalachian Mountains are among the most ancient in the world. Their history, lore, and vibrational significance have captivated the human spirit for hundreds of millions of years. The heart of this majestic band of mountains is located in Asheville, NC, in itself, a spiritual vortex with very high light and crystalline energy.

I have lived in Asheville for 19 years, called here myself by the ancient wisdom and vibrational potential of this mountain region. What I have learned from the Earth and the Ancients in my time with these mountains, is that every human being has an Galactic Earth Coordinate that is attuned to their highest vibrational potential and that the energies, the mystery and wisdom in Asheville and surrounding areas can facilitate your re-membrance of that Soul Signature! Once you are attuned to that inner harmonic, your path will greatly accelerate in synchronicities and

Guidance to get you on purpose and in your power.

I bring a synthesized background of sound healing, intuitional psychology, music and sacred geometry to Activate DNA and facilitate the embodiment of energy consciousness!Vortexes are places on the land where the electromagnetic energy is strong and brought to the surface. They both intersect and follow lay lines of the earth’s meridians, or grid systems: active, flowing, spiraling patterns of distinct healing force, subtle, yet powerful. Having worked with the Earth Grid and the ancients of these mountains since 1995, I am able to attune to individuals and groups through the energies of the earth and engage vortex energy in helping a person to heal their body, mind and spirit. This serves to create a new spaciousness of being with which to connect with and discover the Authentic Self. The time spent in these spiritual immersions is a time for you to free the mind and clear the heart of perceptions, beliefs, limitations and history that no longer serves.

A Spiritual Vortex can be activated within each individual who journeys to them through intention and for some, a bit of guidance. I have been taking individuals, couples or group energy on customized vibrational excursions for over a decade and am guided ever deeper into relationship and mastery with these ancient mountains. Every experience is customized to the individual, the moment and intention… opportunity designed to meet the preparation and readiness of the Seeker. These on the land hiking adventures can be anywhere from 2 hours to full-day and weekend vortex tours of spiritual atonement!

Each of the 6 vortex journeys offered has a unique energy signature.

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Source: Vortex Tours and Spiritual Renewal | DeAnne Live