Have you ever wondered what you get when you cross an art gallery, a nerd convention, and Asheville? ZaPow! That’s what. Advertised as “The South’s premier Illustration, Narrative and Pop Culture Art Gallery,” it was far too easy to fall in love with the quirky art pieces, fandom tributes, and colorful landscape that is ZaPow! This place is a kaleidoscope of colorful originals and prints for every budget and is worth every penny to all the geeks out there who always wanted a picture of a Wookie licking an ice cream cone or a Dalek floating through outer space.
I was lucky enough to catch the Space Pop! Show this past weekend and the parodies, tributes, and bright who-knows-what in the art pieces were quite a thing to behold. This particular show runs through July 4th. So if you’re on Battery Street, duck into this place and look around.  You will be as tickled as I was at all the artistic interpretations of man’s love affair with space and don’t be surprised if you end up picking up a print or two to bring home to the family afterwards because it’s just that fun.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with traditional galleries. I enjoy them very much, but there is something truly special about this offbeat environment in the middle of the most unique city in North Carolina. The shows change every two months or so, with a few new artists brought on in between the scheduled changes to provide something fresh to look at. No matter when you peek your head in, you’ll be seeing something new.

I might have stumbled across ZaPow! on accident but since then, I’ve learned that there is more to this magical gallery than first meets the eye. If you’re an artist, an aspiring artist, or just want to say you’ve taken a professional art class, you can meet up on Battery Street and indulge in a class or two side-by-side with working artists and the simply curious. In addition, if you need something to listen to while you’re driving around or you’d like to hear a new podcast on art, beer, and a few other fun topics, ZaPow! has a podcast every other week from seven to eleven PM.

Overall, I have to say that ZaPow! is my pick for gallery-of-the-week. So check it out and let me know about your own experiences at this unique Asheville treasure.

Image Credit ZaPow!

Image Credit ZaPow!

ZaPow! Gallery

21 Battery Park Ave #101

Asheville, NC 28801

(828) 575-2024