Many who visit Asheville possess an adventurous spirit. If you’re one of the those who do, the one experience you can’t miss out on is the zipline canopy tour over the gorge. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the ziplining experience, it’s a pretty simple concept. Climb up a tower in the canopy of a tree, attach yourself to a thin metal wire, and then slide from tree to tree like some kind of Tarzan action star.

When you decide to have your own ziplining adventure, there are a few things you should know. First, this is a very physical activity and does require participants to be in reasonably good shape. You should be able to fully rotate your arms and walk without assistance to do this one. In addition, there is a weight limit. Persons over 250 pounds won’t be able to use the cable of the zipline. If you’re worried about having the proper gear, no worries. The company who provides the tour provides all the essential harnesses, cables, and headgear that is required to travel safely from outpost to outpost.

This is one of those adventures that is best experienced with friends, and you’ll get a discount if your group has 8+ members. Since this is a pretty expensive experience, nearly one hundred dollars a pop, it definitely pays to budget this one into your vacation. That being said, the scenery is gorgeous and watching it while flying through the air is one of those experiences that happens once-in-a-lifetime.

The tour itself lasts three to three and a half hours and includes an interesting suspension bridge and a couple of free fall elements. Note: I am not a fan of free falls and that was probably the least enjoyable part for me. The guides were really professional and were very helpful when it came to talking me through the harder elements of the course. If you’re not a baby about the “scary” bits you’re guaranteed to have a great time.

The best part of the course had to be the scenery. You’ve never seen the Green River Gorge like this. With the wind in your face and the world whipping by, the summer heat is no problem and the guides do get some good shots for the old photo album if you want a few. Unfortunately, for liability reasons, you’re not allowed to have cameras or phones on the zipline so those are the only photos you’ll get.

Overall, the zipline was a very exciting experience and would definitely rank as one of the more adventurous outdoor activities to do while in the Asheville area.

The Gorge Zip Line


The Gorge Zipline


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